Top 15 Acting Performances of 2013


Last year, I made a similar list. Acting has become more and more the most fascinating part of movie-making, at least to me, so I am always on the lookout for great performances. Consider this a Spoiler Warning


15. Sam Rockwell – The Way Way Back

Every year, comedy continues to be one of those genres that isn’t necessarily considered when it comes to the end of the year award stuff. That said, T…

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Movie Review: ‘Noah’


NoahDirected by: Darren Aronofsky

Starring: Russell Crowe, Emma Watson, and Ray Winstone

Plot: In a world run rampant with sin, Noah is given the task to create an arc to survive the destruction.


When the news finally reached the general population that auteur Darren Aronofsky was adapting the tale of Noah, people had a problem with it. The religious were concerned it wouldn’t be pious…

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Exclusive Interview with John Callen and Stephen Hunter from ‘The Hobbit’!

House of Geekery Dwarves

We sat down with John ‘Oin’ Callen and Stephen ‘Bombur’ Hunter (and Amelia, junior reporter) at Oz Comic Con to talk about incognito dwarf costumes, posing nude and killing Kyle Sandilands.

Enjoy the audio or the transcript below!

John Callen Stephen Hunter House of Geekery

Stephen Hunter, G-Funk and John Callen

G-Funk: We’re at OzComicCon 2014 with Amelia again. Also Stephen Hunter and John Callen who were both dwarves in The…

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Exclusive Interview with Robert Maschio

Robert Maschio House of Geekery

Yesterday we published our talk with Sam ‘Ted’ Lloyd and now it’s time for THE TODD! Brace yourself for an epic high-five…

The audio is in two parts (required for high-five sound effects) and the transcript follows.

  Robert Maschio House of Geekery

G-Funk, Amelia and Robert.

G-Funk: We’re here at OzComicCon 2014 with Robert…help me get this right…

Robert Maschio: Maschio! Robert Maschio.

G: Maschio! And Amelia,…

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The Pull List: 4/9/2014



All New Doop #1

Doop is one of the weirdest new characters Marvel has created in a long time. I never read X-Statix so I don’t know much about what they revealed about him, but they are putting him in the spotlight for this 5 issue mini proving, once and for all, the he is the most powerful member of the X-Men.


All New Ultimates #1

I haven’t read anything from the Ultimate universe in a long…

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Exclusive Interview with Sam Lloyd!

HoGOZCC Sam Lloyd

This week past we’ve seen a west coast tour of Australia by the the awesome OzComicCon! Now that we’ve covered the fantastic cosplayers here and here and it’s time to share the interviews we conducted with the special guests to our shore. First up is Sam Lloyd, known as the nervous lawyer Ted in Scrubs.

Here’s the audio, or read on!

NB: Don’t be alarmed by the sound of a shrieking…

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Cheap Game Tuesday - ‘The Binding of Isaac’

Binding of Isaac

It’s an expensive time to be a gamer, especially in Australia. A Triple-A new release is going to set you back around $110, and that’s without the bonus editions and downloads and whatever else. It’s little wonder the trade scams are flourishing - swapping in finished titles is the only way to afford new games. In light of this, welcome to our new weekly feature: Cheap Game Tuesday. Helping you…

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The True Story Behind The Exorcist


Chances our whenever a large group of people are polled over the question “What is the scariest movie of all-time?” there is no doubt that in the runner-up column you will see titles like; The Shining, House on Haunted Hill, or Psycho. But inevitably the single film that is chosen as the single most frightening picture is, The Exorcist.Directed by William Friedkin and based off of the popular…

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Tribute: Mickey Rooney


I don’t remember ever becoming aware of Mickey Rooney. He’s been so long a part of cinema and television he feels like he’s always been there. And to an extent, he has. Rooney started performing on stage at a mere 17 months of age and started working in cinema in the Silent Era. Can you even wrap your head around that? He’s been a working actor looking than some of our grandparentshave been on…

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Good TV Shows With Shitty Finales


If a crummy show has a crummy finale, everything is on the par. It’s all good. When 2 Broke Girlsfinally comes to a close (which will be soon because there’s only so many Asian’s are nerds, Russian’s are creeps and black people are cool jokes left to make) nobody will be fussed it it isn’t a satisfactory ending. On the other hand, a good show not managing to deliver can discredit everything that…

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