Exclusive Interview: Greg Sestero

Greg Sestero House of Geekery

The Room has become a modern midnight movie with hordes of followers around the world. The writer/director/producer/star of the movie, Tommy Wiseau, has caught the attention of movie world, but it’s his close friend Greg Sestero who helped inspire him and ultimately get the movie made. In his new book The Disaster ArtistSestero explains how he became friends with Tommy and how the worst movie…

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Movie Review: ‘Willow Creek’


Willow_Creek_posterDirected by: Bobcat Goldthwait

Starring: Bryce Johnson and Alexie Gilmore

Plot: With help from his girlfriend, Kelly, Jim tries to make a documentary about Bigfoot, hoping to find him in the process.


Ever since becoming a filmmaker, comedian Bobcat Goldthwait has played to a particular strength, comedy. His comedies have been much darker and more dramatic then his usual stand up or acting…

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Retro Review: ‘Candyman’


It has been argued many times, that if you want to know what a civilization feels at any given time look at the stories which scare them. Throughout the twentieth and twenty first centuries, horror films have held a dark mirror to society showing them the darker aspects of themselves. In the 1990′s this continued, in an era of increasing moral ambiguity, the monsters of cinema who once had the…

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The Pull List: 7/9/2014

The Pull List: 7/9/2014


Must read c0mics debuting on 7/9/2014


Deadpool Draculas Gauntlet #1

Boy, Marvel is really loving their Deadpool lately. Deadpool vs himself, vs X-Force, vs the whole Marvel Universe, all of friggin fiction. Now, Deadpool and Dracula butt heads, and if I remember correctly, because the solicit says nothing, is it is over Deadpool’s new demonic bride.


Grayson #1

Dick Grayson gets an all new…

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Keep Calm and Geek On


fandom  Passion in life is essential. It drives us, gets us up in the morning, helps us survive our boring or depressing jobs, and enhances our day-to-day existence. The Merriam-Webster dictionary’s first entry for passion is “a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.”  For us geeks this is a dead-on description of whatever we are enthusiastic about.  Whether…

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Cheap Game Tuesday: ‘The Wolf Among Us’


With the 5th and final chapter of this episodic story based adventure due out this week it’s high time to get into this gem if you haven’t already. Telltale Games have been producing these cartoony adventure games for a while, taking on classic franchises Sam and Max and Monkey Island before adding Jurassic Park and Back to the Futureto their catalogue. They had a loyal following, many being…

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Book Review: ‘The Disaster Artist’

The Disaster Artist

Written by: Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell

This is a true story about a movie, written by one of the leading actors Greg Sestero. Name doesn’t ring a bell?


“Oh, hai.”

Greg Sestero played Mark in the infamous cult film The Room, alongside actor/director/writer/producer/possible alien Tommy Wiseau. If you haven’t seen The Roomyou really should. Like, right now. It is the most bewilderingly awful…

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Movie Review: Under The Skin

Movie Review: Under The Skin



By Hedge

Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy McWilliams, Adam Pearson

Director: Jonathan Glazer.

In the Scottish highlands, a woman preys upon wayward men, luring them with the promise of sex in order to further her own dark goals. Therein lies the premise of Under The Skin, a bizarre and surrealist science fiction drama that winds a twisted and beautifully shot tale of personal discovery, and…

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Actors Who Play More Than One Superhero

Actors Who Play More Than One Superhero (Pt. 1)

Affleck Daredevil Batman

A couple of weeks ago Ben Affleck was announced as the latest actor to strap on the Batcowl and rumbly voice. The internet burst into a righteous hissy fit because he was in Daredevil, and our long term memory tells us that he wasn’t wasn’t very good in it. Never mind all that great acting, writing and directing he’s been doing in recent years, he was Daredevil eleven years ago!

Once upon a time…

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Movie Review: ‘They Came Together’


TCT-poster-2013-12-18Directed by: David Wain

Starring: Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler

Plot: A big corporate stooge falls for the quirky small business woman.


Thanks to the likes of Christopher Guest, Mel Brooks, and Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker, parody used to be one of my favorite subgenres of comedy, but ever since Scary Movie, it has really imploded. Gone are witty subversions of genre staples replaced by a…

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