Everything Wrong With X-Box One

Everything Wrong With X-Box One


Don’t get me wrong, I love X-Box. I’ve been a strong X-BOX supporter for years now, and bought the X-BOX One the day it came out. I’ve played a large selection of the games: Dead Rising 3, Assassins Creed, Call Of Duty Ghosts, Battlefield 4, LEGO Marvel Superheros, NBA 2K14, Titanfall, Watch Dogs, FIFA, Need For Speed: Rivals, Killer Instinct, Max: Curse Of The Brotherhood, and the demos for NBA…

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Doctor Who Review Vol. 12.1 - ‘Deep Breath’

Doctor Who Review Vol. 12.1 – ‘Deep Breath’

doctor-who (1)

Here we go again. The first episode of any new incarnation of the Doctor is a delicate prospect for the production team. Whether or not the new actor is suited to the role (and we didn’t doubt for a moment that Calpadi would be anything but perfect) they need to sell us on the new direction for the show. Whatever happens it must link to the old material while striking forth on a new path. It’s…

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Retro Review - ‘Cry-Baby’

Retro Review – ‘Cry-Baby’


After so many years playing Jack Sparrow multiple times over, it is easy for movie fans to forget that Johnny Depp was at one point an actor who gave his all in parts that might be considered risky. If you need an example of this look no further than the 1990 cult classic, John Waters’ Cry-Baby.  Depp leads the cast in the standard 1950’s tale of a teenage girl falling for the rebel from the…

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Dracula: The Actors Behind the Cape

Dracula: The Actors Behind the Cape


Few characters in the history of pop culture have grown past their literary origins to become embedded in the minds of people across the world. One of the most prominent figures to do this is none other than the most popular vampire of them all, Count Dracula. From the novel by Bram Stoker, this creature of the night has been portrayed on; stage, film, and television for many years. Each actor…

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The Pull List: 8/20/2014

The Pull List: 8/20/2014


Must read comics of 8/20/2014. I didn’t get a chance to write one last week. Life got in the way. Sorry about that.


Delinquents #1

I have heard of Quantum and Woody, but I can’t say that I have ever read them. I have never heard of Archer and Armstrong until they got optioned as a movie. Apparently, these guys are really popular, and now I am kind of upset I never jumped on board when they first…

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Cheap Game Tuesday: ‘Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons’

Cheap Game Tuesday: ‘Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons’


When this little indie gem first emerged on the market all the reviews suggested checking it out yourself rather than reading about it. Naturally I avoided all reviews of the material and downloaded a copy. Then I didn’t play it for a long time because I’m more likely to play a game I know something about. Yeah, it kinda backfired.

Anyway, this dialogue free game runs on the Unreal Engine so…

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5 Creepy Unexplained Mysteries

5 Creepy Unexplained Mysteries


This is a weird and creepy world we all live in; and to pretend we understand the world around us is laughable. Sometimes things happen that only seem to make sense if Rod Serling was narrating events. From tales of alien abductions and urban legends with roots in truth, there are many things outside of our realm of understanding. Because of this we here at the House look at 5 Creepy Unexplained…

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10 Best Superhero Replacement Characters

10 Best Superhero Replacement Characters


So, the big news lately, if you haven’t been paying attention, Thor and Captain America will be losing their powers. During this time, a new female character will find herself worthy of the Mjolnir, and Sam Wilson aka Falcon will be taking up the mantle of Captain America. The reaction is exactly what you would think: most geek sites think the sky is falling. The fact of the matter is, though,…

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Robin Williams, Gene Simmons and Celebrity Depression

Robin Williams, Gene Simmons and Celebrity Depression

Robin Williams Beard

A couple of days ago we woke to the tragic news that Robin Williams had not only passed away but had taken his own life. Before long the story expanded to include Williams struggles with depression and how much of a contributing factor this was in the event. In spite of this we kept seeing social media disgorging phrases like ‘selfish’, ‘stupid’ and ‘excuse’. It was a difficult situation to…

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Trailer Roundup: The Trailers of Gamescom 2014 (part two)

Trailer Roundup: The Trailers of Gamescom 2014 (part two)

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 5.41.42 pm

Gamescom logo

By Hedge

My last post focussed on the big two – Microsoft and Sony. Their press conferences gave us more than a few trailers, but over the last few days we’ve seen even more reveals, trailers and gameplay demos from the studios themselves. Time for me to shut up; let’s get right on with it!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt



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