Movie Review: ‘Life After Beth’

Movie Review: ‘Life After Beth’


zombieDirector: Jeff Baena

Starring: Aubrey Plaza, Dane Dehaan, and John C. Reilly

Plot: When a young man’s recently deceased girlfriend comes back from the dead, he realizes it is not quite the miracle he hoped for.


Maybe, just maybe, you are all zombied out. I know. I get it. There’s a lot to take in right now. It’s low hanging fruit to just do a simple cheapie flick about zombies and get a…

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The Pull List: 9/17/2014

The Pull List: 9/17/2014


Must read comics of the week


Avengers #35

Hmmmm, so much of what Marvel has been building to lately. Stark is in his new armor, Thor doesn’t have his hammer, Falcon is in his Captain America gear, and Steve is a wrinkly, scrawny mess. Do or die time? Maybe.


Criminal Macabre: Third Child #1

Cal MacDonald is one of my favorite comic characters. I get giddy whenever Steve Niles is able to crank…

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Reviewing the Books I Read in High School English (Pt. 2)


Although I spend most of my working day in the classroom I sometimes cast my mind back to the time when I could (and often did) get detention for writing on the desks. I’d always been a reader and came across a range of different materials in the assigned reading. We’d already covered three of them, and here’s some more.

Go Ask Alice



For year 8 and 9 (the first two years of high school…

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Doctor Who Review: 12.4 ‘Listen’


Ok, so I usually review the Doctor Whoepisodes as they air and I haven’t done it for the past two weeks. Here’s the thing though…I wasn’t quite sure what I thought about either of them. We’re adjusting to a new Doctor, one I already associated with another character, which was making it difficult to completely accept him in the role. And there were some other problems with the continuity and core…

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Movie Review: ‘The Maze Runner’

The Maze Runner


Do you like film adaptations of young adult novels? Do you like monsters? How about mazes and a post-apocalyptic dystopian society? Well do I have the movie for you! The Maze Runner is the latest book to film adaptation of a sci-fi YA novel contextualized within a post-apocalyptic society where one teen is the key to everything. After the huge success of The Hunger Games it was only natural…

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Movie Review: ‘The Boxtrolls’

Movie Review: ‘The Boxtrolls’


Director: Graham Annable and Anthony Stacchi

Cast: Isaac Hempstead Wright, Ben Kingsley, Jared Harris, Ellie Fanning, Nick Frost, Richard Ayoade, Toni Collette, Simon Pegg, Tracy Morgan and Dee Bradley Baker

Plot:In a city built on the fortunes of the local cheese makers, a race of ‘boxtrolls’ live under the streets and steal bits and pieces for their mechanical contraptions. The people of the…

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Movie Review: ‘The Giver’

Movie Review: ‘The Giver’


Director: Phillip Noyce

Cast: Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Brenton Thwaites, Alexander Skarsgård, Katie Holmes, Odeya Rush, Taylor Swift

Plot:In an apparent utopian society one young man is chosen to become the ‘Receiver’, a single individual who retains the collective memories of the past while the rest of world lives without emotion or risk. As he begins to experience real emotions for the first…

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The Pull List: 9/10/2014

The Pull List: 9/10/2014


Must read comics of the week


Deadpool #34

Deadpool breaks from his on-going story for one of his adventures in a  different era, Deadpool’s favorite era: the ’90s. 


Death of Wolverine #2

The first issue was pretty awesome. I had checked out of his solo for awhile, but it is cool to see Wolverine face his mortality.


Edge of Spider-Verse #1

Spider-Man from the Noir universe returns in this tale…

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Cheap Game Tuesday: ‘Invisible, Inc.’

Cheap Game Tuesday: ‘Invisible, Inc.’


So…Invisible, Inc.. A turn based stealth game. Think Metal Gear Solid with the game mechanics of XCOM Enemy Unknown and the plot line of Monaco.

And it’s Cyberpunk. And film noir. Cybernoirpunk espionage thing. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Inv Inc

It’s available on Steam as a pre-release title, but you’ve got plenty of material to play with. You are an employee of an international espionage…

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Five Villains Who Won

Five Villains Who Won


All of us who have ever; seen a movie or read a book or anything of the sort in our lives; know the archetype by now. The villain of the sotry commits some kind of heinous act, forcing the hero to step up and stop the baddie ensuring that everyone lives happily ever after. But sometimes, rarely, the villain of the story is the one who comes out on top. BE WARNED SPOILERS ARE AHEAD.




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